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At CADAS we support anyone who feels their addiction or substance use is problematic. We don’t require people to give up using altogether if that’s not what they want to do, but we do focus on the reduction of harm to themselves or others.

We believe everyone is capable of change.

Often we help clients uncover the reasons for their substance use and find other safer, healthier, more effective ways to manage their mental health.


Our clients learn to live in a more resourceful, satisfying way without relying on addiction.

Our range of adult support services includes 1:1 recovery support, peer support groups and drop-in sessions.


We also offer a range of health and wellbeing activities and events for clients after they leave our service to help them maintain the changes they have made.

Peer Group Support

This is a safe space to meet……social time. CADAS deliver groups throughout the county  – some of them support adults in recovery and some support ‘affected others’ – often family members or carers of someone affected by drug or alcohol use or addictive behaviour.  Find out more about our online and local support group locations and times

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1:1 Talking Therapy

CADAS offers a number of weekly sessions with a recovery coach helping you explore strategies to change your behaviours, thoughts and feelings relating to any problematic drug, alcohol use or addictive behaviour you are experiencing

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Access To Health And Well-being Activities

 We support clients to access a variety of health and well-being activities as part of their longer term recovery strategy We are growing our bank of videos and digital resources so that well-being techniques can be used at home. We also run walking groups and one off events for you to enjoy.

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If you would like to have a confidential conversation with one of our team please get in touch with us.

If you are ready to talk, you can phone the CADAS Helpline on 

0800 254 5658 

You can use the Contact Us Form

Or if you feel ready to take a big Next Step, you can register for CADAS by clicking on the button below.

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